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Below are a few ideas for desk plates considered to be standard.  As you can see, there is a variety and we do make custom designs in accordance with customer desires.  Not shown here, but a common request, is a desk plate with a pen and pencil.  We simply modify the above by making the base longer.  Our pen “holders” are brass normally complimented with brass pen and pencil.  We use Magohany for most of our wedge desk plates depicted here; the wedge has a 40 degree bevel across the face and is 12” left to right and approximately 1 ˝ inches high.  The Cempa style does not come with the insignia, which can be added by the customer or specified for inclusion at an extra cost.  When ordering the Cempa specify the color of the background in the cutouts.  Both Deslatte and Cempa style may be ordered with a variety of colors for the plate. 

Style Price
Cieplinski & Cempa $38.00
Deslatte & Rodriguez $46.00
Lewis * $23.00
Bohlman $34.00

* Lewis style desk plate is rustic and made from aromatic cedar.  Color and flaws in the    wood will vary from the one featured.  Normally the wood will be redder with some light highlights.